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Introducing one of the most popular and simplest dishes of all: pasta

Ready for the pasta. Pasta la vista, or whatever. Today is pasta day - probably one of the most popular dishes.

Today once meatless: what vegetarians actually eat and what are some subsitutes for meat

One must honestly say that the first vegetarians lived before Christ, so this is not to be considered a "fashion movement". However, this article is not intended to be a political.

Olive oil: for making dips, deep frying - and wellness: use cases!

What is behind the term "native"and where can you find olive oil everywhere? Which one is high quality, which one is just junk? And above all, what else can you prepare with it

Every day is Pancake-Day - this is how they are cooked in other countries!

Every day is pancake day. A pancake a day dispels sorrow and worry.

Cooking as a culture and its individual disciplines

Cooking on the first date, cooking as a team event, why we take this upon ourselves and what different ways of preparation are only hidden behind the word...